Freedom of the press in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution

Our Firm understands and respects your legal rights. We also understand and appreciate your commitment to providing timely and factual editorial on recent news and events. 

However, our Firm maintains a strict "No Comment" policy on any matter involving our current or past clients. Absent, express written authorization from The Bressler Firm LLC, none of our current or past clients may be contacted, quoted, or referenced, in any manner whatsoever.

Our Firm also maintains a strict Privacy Policy in regard to any information related to the representation of our clients including their legal adversaries.

While the Bressler Firm LLC does not afford any special courtesies to defendants, we also will not cause them any unnecessary harm or humiliation.  



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Referring Attorneys

A large percentage of our firm's clients are referred to us by our attorney colleagues. We welcome the expertise referring attorneys bring to the table when associating with us on  catastrophic tort cases. We routinely pay maximum referral fees to our referring attorneys for their valuable contribution to the case. Any referral fees are paid in accordance with the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct. Please contact us to discuss your potential referral.